Te'ello is located inbetween Lesca and Demaria; it is an inviting country that welcomes travelers and traders of all kinds. It is said that the people of Te`ello live in homes made of the earth and nature; some even have their homes mounted in the canopies to meet the sunrise each morning. Te`ello's land is vast and full of forests. A traveler could easily get lost, but the Te`ellians are always there for assistance. Their ruler is Dhianelia, a woman who is said to be very, very old and eyes like mist. They say she has lived for many, many years past the time of the average human, but because few have seen her, no one can honestly say.


Te`ello is known for its potions and medicines. If there is an illness, they have the remedy for it. They sell and trade their medicines with countries and individuals alike. If someone is in need, they offer up their assistance happily. Foreigners have come to call the potions and remedies of Te`ello the work of "Green Fairy Magic", but Te`ellians will deny such a thing and clearly state it is the work of herbs and natural materials of Te`ello.


Te`ellians lives in small huts and homes that are made from the earth and trees. Their homes are sturdy and large, but they can be destoryed if a large unit were to attack. Most of Te`ellians are tall people that range from 5' 10" for females to nearly 7' foot for males. Their skin is tan and they have strange marking covering their bodies.

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