Ryuna is a religious country that is found in the East, and ia a country that follows the teachings of Ryunalia, which is the Goddess of Religion and Faith. Ryuna produces many priests and pristesses that are not allowed to set foot outside of Ryuna. They have been told that if they ever do, their will become impure and tainted souls. While other dwellers of this country and leave at will, those bound by the temples cannot. Ryuna has many large mountais and vast plain that extend from border to border. The woman of this country wear beautiful, silk robes with pictures painted down the robes. The men of this country wield thin swords that are unlike the large, bulky ones that are normally found throughout Lutearina; suprisingly, most of those large, bulky swords that are made come from this country, which means that the most notable blacksmiths can be found here. The ruler of Ryuna is Vladimir, a rather intimidating man that rules with an iron fist; many say that though he rules such a religious country, he holds no value for it.


Ryuna makes its money by selling swords and other weapons. It is a little odd since Ryuna is a country that claims to be only made up of religious values, but yet they make such deadly weapons for other countries. The royal family of Demaria has a high interest in the swords that Ryuna produces, and has often asked them to take their skills further by doing some 'special work' with their swords for Demaria's soldiers. Those that have been offered a job in Demaria have taken it and moved there even though the place is nothing but rubble and ruin, mostly. The wages the Ryunians are paid is beyond the normal pay for Demaria's natives, but word of this has yet to get out - the royal family keeps many of their plans on the low.


The towns and cities of Ryuna are made up for large homes that many call 'dojos'. The doors are unlike the normal wooden doors found through other countries. Ryuna's are made of paper and made to slide open; their tables are low to the ground and they offer pillows for seats rather than chairs. Ryuna is a strange, but extravagant country that many foreigners visit for not only weapons, but also for sight seeing as well. ( Think old Japan )

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