The Guild, Regicide, is the home for many of Demaria's fighters that harbor a hatred toward the king and his family. Regicide was first established approximately five hundred years ago when the people decided that enough was enough and wanted to try and make a difference. Though the guild did begin out small, it grew in a considerable amout of time, and became well known throughout the lands. The kings have all heard of this guild and have challenged it several times, but their masses and powers keep the guild at bay. In present time, it is owned by _________, the son of the late guild owner who was a strong and powerful man. When he was captured by Demaria's king and beheaded, his son took over the title and swore he would bring an end to the royal family and their reign. He could not do much at first, but he did begin with the small things like helping others and protecting the weak. At times, he comes off as a cold and heartless individual, but time has warperd him so that he does not know what to believe or where to stand; truth be told, he has a good heart and cares for the people. He doesn't want to see them suffer any longer.

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