Moondrow is located in the southeastern near the sea. It is a place full of beauty and mystery that keeps people wondering how everything that happens there is possible. Moondrow is known for its waterfalls that spill over cliffs into an endless abyss below. No one really knows if they fall into the ocean, but there have been stories about
how the waterfalls lead to another world, another place that answers your dreams; no one has been tempted to find out, or so they think. Moondrow is a country full of strange people that bear the resemblances of animals. They live deep in the forests like resident of Te`ello, but Moondrians also have large cities that can only be found with their help. They have many secrets and myserties that foreigners wish to uncover someday. The ruler of Moondrow is a woman by the name of Nidalee. She is a fierce woman that protects her people like a mother. It is said she has lived for centuries, but retains her youth.


Moondrow is an isolated country. They do not trade nor export. They make a living off of what they do and nothing else. They do not need a materialistic world like Demaria, and can live without the religious country Ryuna. If they have ties with any country at all, it would only be with Te`ello. They both share a love for nature, and it appears the leaders know one another as well.


Moondrians live throughout the forests and in cities. The cities are not like Demaria's but they are just as grand with their stones buildings and beautiful templs. Moondrow was given it's name for the flower that blooms in the region. It is a beautiful white flower that only blooms at night when moon casts it glow upon the petals. When a full moon is out, it is said that a song can be heard in the meadow of moondrows, a song that will cause a person to succumb to sleep and dream without worries.

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