Lesca can be found bordering the sea toward the South; it is a small country that keeps to itself and only becoming involved with foreigners when it deals with trade. Lesca's ruler is Singe, a rough, large man that can be found in taverns all over Lesca; funny and amusing, he is well loved by his people.


Lesca is primarily a trading country that only looks for gains in materials that will better their weapons and boats for fishing and hunting. Fish and other sea creatures are exported while raw materials from Moondrow are imported. The economy is usually on a positive note, but there have been times when the country has faced troubles, especially now. The sea water has become polluted and contaminated, which has been causing a decrease in the amount of fish caught. Though there are still many, many creatures beneath the water than are immune to the pollution and would serve as substitutes, fish is always in a high deman - especially when it comes to Demaria.


Lesca is a moderate country that is made up of small towns. No more than a thousand people occupy each town, and traveling is made easy since the towns are rather close in distance. Carriages and wagons are usually seen as the transportation for these people, but many of the dwellers near the sea stick to their boats. Those that do not live on the sea are usually farmers that supply their families with food that they grow themselves. They are hard working people that understand the worth of just one coin, and thank the gods for each and everyday they get.

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