Demaria is located in the northern region of Lutearina; it is a large country that is known for its power hungry king. The largest city of Demaria is Zorya where the royal family lives. Zorya is one of the few cities in Demaria that are still standing and bustling. Outside the walls that surround Zorya, ruin and decay can be found covering the land. Cities that swore to serve the king stand tall and beautiful, but the others remain nothing but rubble. The ruler of Demaria is a greedy man named Marquis, and he comes from a long line of power hungy people. Marquis is both feared and hated by Demarians, but because the strength in Demaria is found in his army, no one can stand up to the man. Other countries play friendly with Demaria, but they know something is amiss with the king and tread lightly.


Demaria is known for its fine silk and exquisite fabric that can be found in Zorya and Etonia. Clothes from Demaria are always in high demand, but its usually only the rich that benefit from the beautiful clothing; however, the clothing is hot and heavy during summer ( even the shorter dresses and such ). Demaria has many other things that it uses to make up for the lack of deman in clothing during the summer months, but normally, people still will buy the clothing to prepare. Demaria, because it is a jack-of-all-trades, it gains the most value in money, economic wise. This money goes to enhancing Zorya and Etonia while also used to buy new weapons and such from Ryuna.


The people of Demaria have various living styles. People in Zorya are well off with luxious homes and well disciplined school while others like Cabel are not. Cabel is a small, run down city that only has a few standing places. They try to do the best they can with the little they have. The lifestyles are strickingly different, and the king refuses to help those that do not swear their allegiance to him. Luckily, there is a guild that does assist those in need, and it has helped to save many from death and starvation.

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